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Unawatuna Beach

Unawatuna hotels and guest houses are delighted, that the beach is back and now bigger than ever. So better book your rooms for 2015 / 2016 now.

Explopre quality Rooms on Unawatuna Beach @


The famous Kingfisher

Unawatuna Beach Resort

Thambapanni Retreat

La Veranda Serena

Sanmira Renaisance

Book a room at the Unawatuna Villas

White Walk Villa

Hibiscus Villa

Budget Rooms on Unawatuna Beach

Summer Garden


Neptun Bay

Upul on the Beach

Unawatuna Hotel

Happy Banana Hotel

Sea View Beach Hotel

Chili Cafe Guesthouse

Peacock on the Beach


Unawatuna Photos

See some new Unawatuna Beach photos 2013 from top photographer Wasantha Korala.


Unawatuna Special

Unawatuna Beach Festival - Galle Town Tour - Southern Tours

Video: See the Unawatuna Beach video with the Perehara and the Big Festival.


Special in Unawatuna


Catch a true Unawatuna impression from a video showing the fine Nor Lanka Hotel and more from the beauty of Unawatuna. Watch the Video

In fact the Nor Lanka hotel has been setting quality trends over the past years in particular for those, who want to have a good night of sleep in comfortable distance to the beach.


The Unawatuna Wall.


Unawatuna Videos

See an Unawatuna Beach video and photos.

2 Unawatuna videos with original Devil Dance from Sri Lanka mixed with Cricket and Bob Marley Beach vibes.

Video 1and Video 2

Special is this Ayurveda Video from the Nooit Gedacht Health Resort in Unawatuna. Video


Unawatuna rooms, hotels and guest houses

Unawatuna offers a fine selection of hotels and rooms right on the beach, but also in quiet areas in convenient walking distance to the ocean where the popular rave parties can go on until the very late hours.

The Beach Bungalow is offering affordable accommodation right on Unawatuna Beach whilst other famous beach front hotels like Peacock are now looking at 50 - 70 US$ per night during the high season.


Sad in Unawatuna

Very sad from Unawatuna is, that Irish man Marcus has died in a road accident. Many people will remember him as a hard working, helping hand during the aftermath of the Tsunami.

A lovely Sri Lankan Dog had been Surfcity`s Milk Shake who had even gone to nightclubs and everyone at the guest house had truly liked her friendly smile: Video


Unawatuna Blogs


Always good to check out, what what people are writing and posting about their personal Unawatuna experiences.


Unawatuna Hot Spots next

Guesthouse Langeoog

Unawatuna offers an idyllic German Guesthouse only 50 meters away from the big South Beach near the famous Diving Center and Peacock. A lush garden and cozy clean rooms at affordable rates! More Guesthouse Langeoog

Beach Hotel Peacock

Unawatuna has been made famous by Sunil and his great team at the Peacock Hotel right on the beach with the best view on the magnificent Unawatuna Sunsets. Book now! More Peacock Hotel Unawatuna

Kingfisher Hotel

The amazing Sri Lankan / Swiss "Kingfisher" Beach Restaurant keeps on setting trends on Unawatuna beach with tasty new meals and superb parties. Now Unawatuna insiders can book the most breathtaking Kingfisher Hotel rooms right on Unawatuna Beach. More Kingfisher Unawatuna

Nor Lanka Hotel

Unawatuna prides a fine quality hotel with a very friendly Sri Lankan - Norwegian team, 10 posh and tidy rooms, a superb kitchen and a safe environment for children with no stray dogs guaranteed. More Nor Lanka Hotel Unawatuna
Comaran Beach Hotel & Club

Easy to book over Asia's leading booking engine Agoda is the fantastic Comaran Hotel and Beach Club which has a wide open spacious restaurant right on the water. More

Comaran Beach Hotel & Club
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