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Have a look back at some classic Unawatuna beach party seasons when they were really good and Peacock, Lucky Tuna and Kingfisher were some of the perfect Unawatuna hangouts.

And life was fine in the bay except for 1 terrible season.

The Tsunami season 2004/2005

In December 2004 all had looked hunky dory on Unawatuna Beach.

The weather was superb, tourists were rushing in and a truce had been brokered by the Tamil Tigers and the government.

But then in the morning of December 26 everything changed for the far worse when the Tsunami had rolled into the bay.

Have a look at pictures from before the Tsunami and after the Tsunami

Unawatuna Bay
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Unawatuna Bay 2006

Living right on beautiful Unawatuna is certainly a very much desired holiday experience since many years.Kingfisher Hotel, Unawatuna

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Peacock Hotel 2006

Unawatuna Beach, Sri Lanka

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Unawatuna girls

Bikinis have never been very popular among Unawatuna girls but the beach has been so very nice in 2008.

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