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Unawatuna before the Tsunami
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Unawatuna Beach 2004

Unawatuna was looking like a paradise in December 2004 and the amount of smiling faces was kind of unlimited with a sprit of peace and hopes for a bit of prosperity looming in.

Unawatuna Videos

Watch the 2004 Unawatuna Beach video

Watch the 2004 Unawatuna / Hikkaduwa video

The Tsunami videos

After the Tsunami Unawatuna and Galle had been in a sad state as these videos with also eyewitness interviews reveal.

Video 1 Unawatuna survivor interviews with pictures from Galle
Video 2 Unawatuna survivors interviews with pictures from the Matara Express
Video 3 Unawatuna survivors interviews with pictures from Unawatuna

Unawatuna Beach 2004
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Unawatuna Beach 2004

Unawatuna Bay 2004
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Unawatuna Bay 2004

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