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An exciting Hotel on Unawatuna Beach, which can be booked straight over Agoda is the famous Comaran Hotel and Beach Club. It is located almost right on the water and it offers some great value for money when it comes to fine rooms and their wide open restaurant. Read more

Almost new are the stunning 4 Kingfisher hotel rooms with private balconies, stylish floor, panorama windows and this stunning view.

Impressive as always is the Nor Lanka Hotel with a nice and friendly Sri Lankan / Norwegian family in charge of things, who truly deserve the top ratings for Unawatuna at Tripadvisor.

Over the years well traveled Lucky Tuna owner Lalith and his brother Thilak have built an unmatched reputation with fine hotel rooms right on Unawatuna beach, where his guests enjoy a wonderful family atmosphere. Unfortunately they don't comply with online reservation systems. Read more

Another nice guest house option on Unawatuna beach is Upul's cute Pizza Restaurant, which has some very nice rooms. Read more


A fine and newly refurbished guesthouse with some nice rooms right on the beach is Beach Bungalow.

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photo view from the Kingfisher on Unawatuna Beach in Sri Lanka

View from the Kingfisher Hotel

One of the best hotels in Unawatuna is certainly the Kingfisher with four fantastic deluxe rooms. See the photos from the Kingfisher and book a room here.

Nor Lanka Hotel

photo Nor Lanka Hotel in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

The wonderful Nor Lanka Hotel combines modern comfort with traditional design and a truly diligent Sri Lankan / Norwegian management, which has created a perfectly safe environment especially for families with kids.

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Summer Garden

photo Summer Garden Hotel in Unawatuna, Sri LankaOne of the best sea view rooms in Unawatuna are offered by the Summer Garden guesthouse, where guests also enjoy car rentals and a good kitchen.


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Beach Bungalow

photo from Beach Bungalow in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

The lovely cute Unawatuna budget guesthouse offers ocean view from the verandah, which is just a few steps away from Unawatuna Beach.

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Langeoog Guesthouse

Photo Langeoog Guesthouse in Unawatuna, Sri Lanka Unmatched hospitality and cleanest rooms at very decent rates are offered by German Lady Andrea and her Sri Lankan manager Jayantha, who has been to Germany many times. In fact the perfect guest house, for all those, who seek a friendly, personal atmosphere at German standards.

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Peacock Beach Hotel

Unawatuna Peacock Beach HotelOne of the most popular beach hotels in Unawatuna is the Peacock with it's spacious sea view and sea food restaurant, which is catering fantastic meals and cocktails during the often spectacular sunset hours.

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Calamander Beach Resort

photo Calamander Unawatuna Beach Resort, Sri LankaThe big beach is back at the most popular resort in Unawatuna, which has received the new Calamander name. Guests enjoy Sports TV, disco nights, a big pool, tennis and other activities, which have been set up for providing Western Holidaymakers with finest entertainment. Simply the best Hotel in Unawatuna for guests, who want the full package of a real resort.

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Tartaruga Resort and Restaurant

photo Lucky Tuna in Unawatuna, Sri LankaStaying right on Unawatuna beach at the Tartaruga Resort is great fun thanks to a very capable and friendly management team.

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