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Unawatuna rooms @ Guest House Langeoog

Rooms start at 25 Euro during the low season and a truly nice breakfast is included.

Guests enjoy the quiet atmosphere and the spacious garden area with many open areas to read and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the beach.

For all those who seek a quiet place this lovely German Guesthouse Langeoog has emerged as a very fine place to be.

Exceptional local and German management and a superb kitchen operate at high standards also in terms of creativity.

Utterly clean rooms with nice and functional decoration, decent bathrooms and king size beds do also speak for staying at the Langeoog Guesthouse.

Also the lush and well styled garden with nice dining and drinking areas can convince even the most picky German visitors. A high return rate does in fact proof the success of a unique hospitality concept designed by owner Andrea who is a well known and highly respected member of the Unawatuna community since many many years.


Especially her community efforts after the Tsunami had been more than outstanding.


Staying at Langeoog means being a part of real Unawatuna, right on the beach, but without being too much exposed in the center.

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Unawatuna Langeoog
Guest House Langeoog next
Unawatuna Langeoog
Unawatuna Guest House Langeoog
Unawatuna Langeoog
Unawatuna Guest House Langeoog
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