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Certainly Unawatuna is much more than just a big Party. But on the other hand, it would not be true to say, that the word Party is NOT big in Unawatuna.

Very true is also, that a lot of work, commitment and hardship is involved just to survive during difficult days that have hit Sri Lanka with a Tsunami and all problems resulting from political violence.

Shangri-La Guest House owner Mali always says, "I have found my paradise here" ... He has become a part of Unawatuna, a place that became famous as a "world village" where folks from all continents are coming together for having a good time.

Jungle Beach Party
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Jungle Beach Party

Obviously, much more Sri Lanka and much less Unawatuna have a long way to go in order to become a Paradise.

But most definitely it is worth to visit and explore Unawatuna in the safe South of Sri Lanka.

Unawatuna is a truly nice place to be and not only these few Unawatunians here have proven many times, that all tourists and visitors are well looked after during their visits.

In fact many Westerners have even found their Love of a Lifetime in Unawatuna what seems to be one of the best available compliments to this World Village and it's people.

Very interesting is, what people are writing and posting about their personal Unawatuna experiences.

Wasantha Korala

Wasantha Korala
Wasantha Korala is the top photographer in Unawatuna.

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Unawatuna girls

Hansini in Unawatuna
Hansini had been the star at the Surfcity guesthouse only for a short while.

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Unawatuna Tushanti

Tushanti Unawatuna
Tushanti has always been one of the coolest ladies in Unawatuna.

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Unawatuna Thilak

Unawatuna Thilak

Most popular among the local and foreign ladies on Unawatuna beach was top surfer Thilak from the influential Lucky Tuna family.

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Sunil @ Peacock

Sunil @ Peacock Unawatuna
Former Sri Lankan Airforce commander Sunil has helped a lot to make Unawatuna holidays to become so very famous.

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