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Unawatuna Restaurants


Unawatuna Bay offers all kinds of restaurants and kitchens who compete for foreign visitors and like everywhere in the world, some venues impress whilst others are working hard on improvements.


Daytime certainly belongs to the lovely Kingfisher, which has been chosen by expats, NGO`s and volunteers as their quality spot for relaxation and nice lunches.

But even at night some of the best staff in the bay attracts guests for fine Seafood dinners combined with drinks, decent music and a truly gentle beach vibe.


One competitor at the other end of the bay is the Peacock Restaurant which benefits from it`s own expanded guest house and other visitors staying in the area who do not feel like walking all over to the entertainment mile near the temple. At Peacock guests will find regular prices and a large selection of not only Sri Lankan meals.

Right next to it Unawatuna visitors enjoy the Summer Garden Restaurant where also rooms can be booked at great rates. Book here for the Summer Garden

In the middle of Unawatuna Bay visitors enjoy daytime and evenings at the Lucky Tuna Restaurant, which is run by well traveled Lalith and his wonderful family.


And with the great Peacock and Summer Garden Seafood restaurants the Southern end of Unawatuna Beach has grown unto a large selection of venues to choose from.

Kingfisher Restaurant Unawatuna
Unawatuna Restaurantsnext

Kingfisher Bar & Restaurant

Most popular are the various Wraps with fish, chicken and vegetables and straight from the aquarium Tiger and Jumbo prawns with delicious Shrimps. More

Kingfisher Unawatuna


Many people come out to Upul for his Pizza. More

Upul's Restaurant

Hard Rock Restaurant

Beachfront restaurant with long tradition in Unawatuna. More

Hard Rock Restaurant

Hot Rock Restaurant

Classic Beachfront restaurant in Unawatuna. More

Hot Rock Restaurant

Full Moon Restaurant

Beachfront restaurant with Italian kitchen and management. More

Full Moon Restaurant

Lucky Tuna Restaurant

A truly charming venue in the center of Unawatuna beach run by a wonderful family with Lalith, Anil and Thilak in charge of things. More

Lucky Tuna restaurant

La Tartaruga Restaurant

Brought to fame by a new owner and Upul who also prides some fine German experience from a long visit. More

La Tartaruga Restaurant


One of the most popular Seafood restaurants and guesthouses on the South Beach with a great view on Unawatuna Sunsets. More

Peacock Unawatuna
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