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All Unawatuna visitors and expats love the exciting meals and quality drinks right on the Kingfisher beach where a highly relaxing atmosphere rules.

The exceptional owners Christina and Duminda had a tough time after the Tsunami but since then their restaurant had been nothing but a big success because of fine services and a really cool team.

Almost famous is the selection of wraps, some great soups and the perhaps very best pasta meals on the beach.

Popular is also some real goodness straight from the aquarium in form of Tiger and Jumbo prawns, Lobster with delicious Shrimps.

Also chicken breast with mushrooms comes across very well just like their creative salads and cocktails.

But even some late breakfast is very good at the Kingfisher Restaurant and visitors to Unawatuna should definitely not miss out on one of the most popular venues.

Since 2011 some amazing rooms with one of the most stunning view in Unawatuna will become available at Kingfisher.

Overlooking Unawatuna bay from spacious private balconies from rooms with a stylish but cool interior with the most spot on design that are likely to see a fully booked scenario as the amount of rooms is small and decent enough for ultimate privacy and perfect comfort.

Watch the 2010 Unawatuna Beach video with scenes from the amazing Kingfisher Beach.


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Kingfisher Hotel, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka
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Kingfisher restaurant

Over many years the Kingfisher restaurant has been one of the most popular ones right on Unawatuna beach, where most of the international expats and travelers have found their favorite hangout for the daytime and also the evenings.Kingfisher Hotel, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

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Kingfisher restaurant

Kingfisher owners, Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

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Kingfisher owners

The Kingfisher owners and founders are Chris and Duminda, who have also built a very fine reputation for hosting the very best parties on their beach with a high level of security and also many international DJs on the case.


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