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Lucky Tuna guest house and restaurant

Very popular in Unawatuna is the Lucky Tuna restaurant run by Lalith and his wonderful family which prides deep roots into Germany and a great friendship with the Langeoog guesthouse owners, who had provided incredible support during the aftermath of the 2004 Tsunami.

So, no surprise that German guests are frequent, who enjoy being able to express themselves in their own language at the Lucky tuna operations.

Most delicate meals are in particular the tomato soup and and the crisp French fries served with a tasty tartar sauce.

Often Lucky Tuna presents amazing parties and events including a big screen for Cricket matches and Party Discos organized by the prominent tour operator Thilak who had established himself also by being one of the best surfers on Unawatuna Beach.

Lucky Tuna

Lucky Tuna guest house restaurant

Lalith, Anil and Thilak are the 3 friendly and hard working operators behind the Lucky Tuna operation, which has grown massively over the past years thanks to many happy guests, who have enjoyed their fine rooms and exceptional food.

Lucky Tuna

Lucky Tuna 2004

This photo was taken from a video, that was shot only a few hours before the 2004 Tsunami, which had brought tragedy to the Lucky Tuna family and to so many people in Unawatuna Bay.

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